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I’m not a Martha Stewart wannabe, not obsessed with bedding, and not in denial. Really, I'm not.. I just spent weeks researching sheets.... I bought 6 sets and returned 3 after washing (see reviews)... How They Feel Before & After Washing...Thread Count...Long Staple... Single-Ply... Read more →

Every month or so, I like to check the progress of Donald Trump's voter-alienation efforts. I've been checking since August 2015, after Trump alienated many women voters . . . and many Hispanic voters . . . . Project Voter Alienation had a robust start in 2015, and progress has been solid. . . . Just over the past month or two, . . . . Read more →

When people's words and actions conflict, I tend to give more weight to their actions. . . . In short, Mr. Trump has been alienating huge blocs of November voters--instead of doing what it takes to win them over and get votes. . . . We've addressed that here, here , here, and here. . . . A few days ago, Carl Hiaasen added a few Read more →