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October 2016

Finally, I can stop posting about beds. I bought a Loom and Leaf memory foam bed.... I liked many aspects: high-quality workmanship, green-manufacturing processes, etc. But the mattress was too firm for me.... After a 3-to-4-week break-in period, I decided to keep the bed. Read more →

My mom bought a $5,600 Sleep Number M7 bed with adjustable base. . . . The salesman said she could return the bed within 100 days if she paid a $180 return fee.... He didn't say that the $2,300 adjustable base was NOT returnable.... At least our family's losses were under $3,000. Read more →

I avoid politicians’ debates because they seem like pure political theater. Last night, a Facebook friend's post made me curious, so I watched a YouTube of the Clinton-Trump debate. Mr. Trump's performance made me wonder yet again whether he wants to win. Trump fumbled and said some stupid-sounding things, which only made Hillary... Read more →