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Update: according to the same TV station that initially interviewed Mr. Hager, the leader of his mosque said that Mr. Hager's mother died before President Trump issued the executive order. This shouldn't come down to a he-said-he-said: date of death should be easy to prove. Original Post: . . . Read more →

Bill Moyers' 2007 video “Buying the War” (pasted in post) exposed government deception and media’s role in marketing the Iraq War (2003). Given election 2016, the media will have chances for redemption and for re-embracing journalistic values exemplified by Katherine Graham, Walter Cronkite, and Ed Murrow. Read more →

Mary Tyler Moore visited my living room weekly when I was in elementary school, via the Mary Tyler Moore Show on CBS. TVs had antennas back then, and her show was groundbreaking. . . . Mary inspired generations of women--and young girls, too. She gave them the sense that they had more than one option for a fulfilling life, . . . . Read more →

If the White House plans to peddle false information, maybe the media should refuse to play along by refusing to go to the White House press room. It's worth considering. Given the Internet, FOIA, and reporters’ access to numerous government officials and documents, aren’t there ways to get better info than this White House seems willing to provide? One president systematically used falsehoods and half-truths to justify an unjust war . . . Read more →

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer came out swinging today, taking time out of what must be a very busy schedule to address--among other very important issues--the size of President Trump's inauguration crowd. During the massive protest in Washington today (Women's March), Read more →