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President Trump: Sex, Drugs, & Battle Carriers

White house from lafayette squareRecent White House actions remind me of a line from Charlie Wilson’s War:

“As long as the press sees sex and drugs behind the left hand, you can park a battle carrier behind the right hand and no one's gonna fucking notice.”

A great line and film script by Aaron Sorkin.  Now, change “sex and drugs” to “upsetting distractions,” and it might fit here.

On Saturday and Sunday, President Trump's staff’ created “upsetting distractions”:

  • Sean Spicer's falsehood-rich attack on the media over crowd size.
  • KellyAnne Conway's essentially admitting that the White House will deceive the media and public ("Alternative Facts").

Definitely behind the left hand: the crowd-size thing was inconsequential nitwittery, and the "alternative facts" thing is disturbing but not surprising because most presidents manipulate the media (the 43rd president lied our nation into a war, and our media went along with it).

Over the weekend, I wondered which "battle carriers" were parked behind the right hand.

But President Trump didn't stay focused on the inconsequential. No, after the weekend, he started signing executive orders, like the ones that--

(1) Abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

(2) Clear the path for controversial oil pipelines.

(3) Ban foreign aid to healthcare providers who discuss abortion.

(4) Forbid agency employees from talking to the public.

I hope that those orders are the now-revealed “battle carriers.” If they're merely the “upsetting distractions,” we'd better put our heads between our knees or hide under our desks because the not-yet-discovered "battle carriers" will likely do astounding damage.


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