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"Failed" Health Care Bill: Incompetence or Theatrical Strategy?

Trump 1999It's hard to tell when Pres. Trump is talking straight or playing at theater because he habitually says things that are strikingly abnormal.

Some pundits say Trump's health-care bill failed due to incompetence: it was a bad bill and he didn't know how Washington works. Threatening the Freedom Caucus probably wasn't good Washington behavior.

But was passing the bill Trump's real aim?  Or did he strive only to appear to be aiming to pass it?

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised ordinary supporters that he would repeal Obama Care and replace it with something better.

The problem: Trump and House Republicans didn't have a bill ready that was better than Obama Care (i.e., one that cost less and wouldn't take away millions of Americans' insurance).

The bill was so bad that sending it to a vote seemed like a bizarre farce, especially the part giving tax cuts to the wealthy while taking away 20+ million Americans' insurance.

Only 17% of voters approved of it (perhaps voters who were very wealthy or very ignorant).  Even conservative groups opposed the bill, including the Heritage Foundation

Yet Trump acted like he was itching to send it to a vote.

As it worked out, the bill was pulled before a vote.  Now, Trump can tell ordinary supporters that he tried but The House blocked his efforts.  See how terrible Washington is?  Definitely need to drain that swamp.

Trump may have wanted to replace parts of Obama Care because it needs serious repairs, but did he really want to get rid of government-involved health care?

Doubtful.  During his campaign, he said everyone should be covered and that government should pay for it.  He's been publicly making pro-socialized-medicine statements since at least 1999.  See videos below.

All of that said, I can't help wondering if Pres. Trump, in dealing with the health care bill, created exactly the outcome he'd wanted all along.

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