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Republican Congressmen Tell Voters at Townhalls They Want to See Trump's Tax Returns--Then Vote against Forcing It

Maddow PascrellDon't these people realize that what they say in public can be broadcast on the Internet in minutes? 

The video clip below shows Republican congressmen saying at town halls that they want to see President Trump's tax returns.--but most of those same Congressmen vote against forcing Pres. Trump to release the returns.

Examples: Representatives David Young (Iowa), Matt Gaetz (Florida), and Steve Knight (California).

I understand why Pres. Trump might want to hide his tax returns--though presidential candidates since Carter have released them.  The returns might contain embarrassing stuff: maybe Trump doesn't have the wealth that he claimed to have. 

Even worse, maybe some of his income sources over the years cast doubt on the legality of Trump's past dealings.

What I don't understand is why Republican congressmen are struggling to keep a president's tax returns hidden.  Surely, his returns don't involve all of those congressmen personally. 

I suspect that Republican congressmen would have screamed and stomped their feet in outrage if Pres. Obama had hidden his tax returns,

Incidetnally, more than 1 million people have sined an electronic petition at the White House website. It has set a record for Whitehouse.gov petition signers.



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