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Senate Intel. Committee Investigation: Real Objectivity or Just the Appearance Thereof?

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.33.23 PMI don't know whether Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr has a truly objective mindset re: the Russia investigation because my mind-reading machine broke down a few months ago.

Yes, Sen. Burr behaves and speaks like a dignified adult, unlike some of the simian Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

After House Intel. Committee Chair Devin Nunes's bizarre shenanigans, Sen. Burr certainly is a calming breath of fresh air.  I understand why pundits compliment Burr when comparing his demeanor to Nunes's.

But are good manners a solid indicator that Sen. Burr will approach the Trump-Russia investigation in a truly objective way?

I ask that question partly because of the following two things:

(1) In October, Sen. Burr became an adviser to Trump's campaign.

(2) In February, the White House asked Sen. Burr to talk to reporters--to counter stories relating to Trump's ties to Russia--and Burr did it.

Yes, it is possible that Sen. Burr takes the Russia-situation seriously enough to put aside any loyalty and protectiveness toward Pres. Trump.

But Sen. Burr's ability to act like a rational, intelligent adult is not conclusive evidence that he will lead the investigation objectively.

For that reason, I wish that pundits (e.g., Lawrence O'Donnell and Joe Scarborough) would stop marveling over how objective and nonpartisan Sen. Burr is. At this point, it's only surface stuff.



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