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Worthwhile 60 Minutes Story on Actual "Fake News"

Pres. Trump uses “fake news” to label any news story he doesn’t like—even if true.  This 60 Minutes story is about actual “fake news”: stories that are provably false.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.37.13 PMAmong other things, Scott Pelley explains Twitter “bots” (software that makes articles look popular) and interviews a couple of fake-news creators. 

One admitted to creating a fake story that Obama Care required people to get tracking devices installed in their bodies. He made real money generating fiction that many people thought was fact.

Another is a lawyer who falsely used a doctor as a source for an apparently fake story that Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s disease. He sounds a little nutty. Maybe he’s just enjoying his “15 minutes.”

As a lawyer, he should know that the First Amendment isn’t absolute. People who publish false info—even if through reckless disregard for the truth, as opposed to knowing it’s false—can be liable for defamation.

Fascinating and disturbing stuff—worth watching.  Here's the link.


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