Pres. Trump's Tweets about Tax Protesters: Irrational Response or Intentional Distraction?
Maxine Waters on How Abnormal Trump's Actions are, Debt Ceiling, Tillerson, Russia, Oil, Foreign Policy... (video)

Coincidences re: Exxon, Rex Tillerson & Russian Govt. (video)

Trump officials russiaThe Rachel Maddow video below sums up some issues re: Russia and Pres. Trump's campaign staff.  Of special interest is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson because Pres. Trump's appointment of Tiillerson just didn't make much sense, given that--

(1) Mr. Tillerson had no diplomatic or government experience.

(2) Mr. Trump reportedly had never really known Mr. Tillerson before the appointment.

Mr. Tillerson didn't even support Trump: Tillerson backed Jeb Bush instead in the Republican primaries, a fact that Mr. Trump probably isn't fond of.

As well as Mr. Tillerson, the video covers Erik Prince, Jared Kushner, and Carter Page--all of whom were tied to Mr. Trump's campaign and had unexplained meetings with Russian officials.




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