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Le Pen = Trump: French Voters, Please Learn from Your Friends Across the Ocean

Liberte franceI like the French: their many contributions to the world, that they helped America gain  independence, that they gave us the Statue of Liberty. . . .

I love France's motto: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite (freedom, equality, and brotherhood).

French voters: it should frighten you that Marine Le Pen has support from the likes of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Please don't vote for Marine Le Pen. If you elect her, you will ultimately lose much of your freedom, equality, and brotherhood. 

Look across the ocean at your friends in the USA--see how bad things are for us.

Marine Le Pen is like Donald Trump--they don't care about ordinary citizens' healthcare, education, or quality of life.  They care about very wealthy people and the businesses they own.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump scared people with talk of "radical Islam." Then he said the right things to get many ordinary people's votes:

· He said he would make sure they had healthcare.

· He said he would make sure they earned a better living.

· He said he would stay out of foreign problems and put America first.

Pres. Trump has been in office less than 100 days, and he has already showed willingness to break those promises.

He tried to take away 24 million people's healthcare--and give tax breaks to the wealthy at the same time.  He reversed on his "buy American" slogan, meaning fewer jobs will be created.  He authorized air strikes against Syria, though our nation had not been attacked.

Many Americans are stunned and wondering how many more times he will reverse his position.

Pres. Trump wants to remove protection for clean air and water.  He wants to allow a dangerous pesticide to be used on our foods. He wants to protect the corrupt and criminal.

His policy goals are simple: help the very rich get richer, even if it hurts millions of other people.

I suspect that you, the French People, will suffer a similar fate if you elect Marine Le Pen.

For that reason, I urge you to vote for another candidate, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Emmanuel Macron.


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