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I appreciate the French: their many contributions to the world, that they helped America gain its independence, that they gave us the Statue of Liberty. . . . French voters: it should frighten you that Marine Le Pen has support from the likes of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Read more →

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Calif) is one straight-shooting pistol. In an interview on the Morning Joe show, she clearly explained multiple issues, including: • Sec. of State Rex Tillerson's half-trillion-dollar oil deal with Russia (Kara Sea); • House Intel Committee's failing Trump-Russia investigation.... Read more →

The Rachel Maddow video below sums up some issues re: Russia and Pres. Trump's campaign staff. Of special interest is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson because Pres. Trump's appointment of Tiillerson just didn't make much sense, given that-- Read more →

On Saturday (April 15th), 125,000+ people across more than 100 U.S. cities participated in the Tax March: a protest calling for fairer tax policies and for Pres. Trump to release his tax returns--as he said he would. . . . Many Americans want to see his tax returns for at least three reasons: Read more →

Ties between Donald Trump's campaign staff and various Russians are confusing because there are so many pieces of information, and it's pretty disjointed at this point. Bill Moyers created a helpful timeline regarding what people on Twitter call #TrumpRussia . . . . Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show, Wed., Apr. 5, 2017 (3 videos)

Videos: 1.Careening Incompetence of Trump Admin. Risks Crisis, Kleptocracy, Putin's Daughter (22 min); 2. White House Story on Bannon = Confusing (6 min); 3. Senators Demand Answers about New EPA Policies (3 min) Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show, Tues., Apr. 4, 2017 (3 videos)

Videos: 1 Trump Hides Behind Closed Doors to Sign Unpopular Legislation (17 min); 2.Apparent EPA Memos on Plans to Get Rid of Regs (9 min); 3. 3. Scandalized Trump Pushes Distraction & Obama-Blame (6 min). Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show, Mon., Apr. 3, 2017 (3 videos)

Videos: 1. Former Trump Adviser Cultivated as Asset by Russian Spy (22 min); 2. Former Trump Adivser Page Previously Targeted by Russians (5 min); 2. Trump Puts National Security Council to Personal Political Use (5 min); Read more →