Coincidences re: Exxon, Rex Tillerson & Russian Govt. (video)
Evidence, Coincidences, and Possiblities re: Trump, the Campaign, & Russia

Maxine Waters on How Abnormal Trump's Actions are, Debt Ceiling, Tillerson, Russia, Oil, Foreign Policy... (video)

Maxine morning joeCongresswoman Maxine Waters (Calif) is one straight-shooting pistol. In an interview on the Morning Joe show, she discussed issues including--

• Sec. of State Rex Tillerson's half-trillion-dollar oil deal with Russia (Kara Sea).

• Raising the debt ceiling.

• House Intel Committee's failing Trump-Russia investigation.

• Why she doesn't trust Pres. Trump's words.

• How abnormal our President & today's political climate are.

• etc.

Check out the video below (10 min):  



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