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Tax march crowdOn Saturday (April 15th), 125,000+ people across more than 100 U.S. cities participated in the Tax March: a protest calling for fairer tax policies and for Pres. Trump to release his tax returns--as he said he would.

Although Trump won the election, many Americans want to see his tax returns for at least three reasons: 

(1) The returns should give people an idea of Trump's income sources and business interests,

(2) Every president since Nixon has released his tax returns, and

(3) Mr. Trump promised during the campaign that he would release them.

Pres. Trump has continued to signal that he will not release his tax returns.

But he didn't leave it at that.  No, instead of remaining silent and letting the issue ultimately fade,  he punctuated his refusal with these two tweets:

Trump tax tweets

The tweets delivered two implicit messages: 

(1) He won, so the tax returns don't matter (an irrational response given the 3 reasons that people want to see the tax returns) and

(2) A bullying disdain for transparency and for people's First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Are those messages the irrational ravings of a hot-headed politician who has no regard for real issues or Americans' constitutional rights?

Or are they carefully orchestrated attempts to, once again, to whip ordinary folks into a froth so that they aren't asking questions about other issues?

As someone whose mind-reading skills are pretty poor, I don't have the answer, but the questions are certainly worth serious consideration.




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