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Timeline of Donald Trump Jr's Russia Involvement & Deceptions

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.00.14 PMAfter people get caught lying, we can't trust their words because--

(1) we know they're okay with lying and

(2) we don't know when they'll choose to lie again.

That's common sense.

Donald Trump, jr has repeatedly deceived the public (smoking guns below). Maybe it's an apples-and-trees issue.

On July 11, 2017, Trump-jr finally admitted he'd intended to help his father's campaign by getting  dirt about Hillary Clinton through a Russian lawyer tied to the Russian Government.

In short, Trump-jr admitted that he--and 2 other people working on his dad's campaign--tried to coordinate efforts or collude with the Russian government or a representative.

Time Line of Some Events & Deceptions

July 8, 2017

1.  The New York Times (NYT) published a story that Trump-jr met with the Russian Lawyer on June 9, 2016. 

2.  Trump-jr admitted that the meeting happened but didn't mention Hillary at all:

- he claimed he didn't know the Russian lawyer's name. 

- he claimed the meeting was about U.S. sanctions that suspended a program for Americans' adoption of Russian children.

July 9, 2017

1.  NYT reported that:

- Sources said the Russian lawyer offered dirt on Hillary to Trump-jr before the meeting.

- Trump-jr admitted that the Russian lawyer said something vague about dirt on Hillary  during the meeting.

- Trump-jr claimed the meeting focused on the Russian adoption program.

2.  After learning of the NYT report, Trump-jr said that--

- someone named Roger Goldstone had asked him to meet the R-lawyer.

- Trump-jr had asked Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort (campaign manager) to attend the meeting with the Russian lawyer: that's 3 campaign associates meeting with the Russian lawyer (to talk about child adoption?)

July 10, 2017

Based on sources who knew about emails between Trump-jr and Mr. Goldstone, NYT reported that Trump-jr knew before the meeting that the R-lawyer intended to bring dirt on Hillary to the meeting. NYT didn't publish the emails that day.

July 11, 2017

1.  NYT told Trump-jr that it had some emails referred to in the July 10 story and planned to publish them.

2.  A few hours later, Trump-jr published an email chain via Twitter.

3.  IN one email, here's how Trump-jr replied to the Russian lawyer's offer of Hillary-related dirt a few days before the 2016 meeting: "I love it, especially later in the summer...." No kidding.

4.  The emails show that Trump-jr was told before the June 2016 meeting that--

- the R-lawyer was a "Russian Government attorney."

- the dirt on Hillary was "very high-level" and sensitive.

- the dirt was "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump." 

Stop and absorb the line in red.

5.  A few hours later, NYT published some emails.

June of 2016

 A couple weeks after Trump-jr met with the Russian lawyer, he had an exchange with Jake Tapper on CNN (first 2 minutes of the video clip below).

Tapper asked Trump-jr what he thought of the idea that the Russians had interfered to harm Hillary's campaign and help Trump's campaign. Trump-jr ranted that the notion was absurd, untrue, and made up by Democrats.

Yes, that's after Trump-jr met with the Russian lawyer and after he got emails stating that the Russian lawyer was offering dirt on Hillary to help his dad's campaign.

As you watch the clip, notice Trump-jr's ability to make what we now know were deceptive statements while keeping a straight face.



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