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Trump Russia Timeline by Bill Moyers

"Alt-Left," Fox, Alternative Facts, Alternative Reality, etc.

Wash monu from lincoln capitol twitterSince Friday, our nation's lower jaw has sustained cuts and bruises from slamming into the floor over and over again. 

First, it was Charlottesville: the Civil War ended over 150 years ago, yet people chose to not merely march to protect a statue but they also brought torches, pepper spray, and swastika flags.

Then came was our President's weak response: he blamed "many sides" for the violence and refused to specifically call out the racists carrying the torches and Nazi flags.

Apparently, Pres. Trump didn't want to anger white supremacists and drive his approval rating down into the 20s.

Next, Pres. Trump back-peddled briefly and called white supremacists "repugnant."

Tuesday, he changed his position again and blamed both sides.

It gets worse. Pres. Trump and the right wing have manufactured an "Alt-Left" meme, implying that it's full of lefty people who support fascism and don't care about ordinary people's rights and well-being.

Seriously?  Yes.

Never mind that the "lefty" folks were counter-protesting the Alt-Right's racist, neo-Nazi stances (note: racists and neo-Nazis support fascism and don't care about people's rights except their own).

Never mind that it was the Alt-Right--not the lefties--who descended upon Charlottesville with torches, terrifying us with dance moves created by the KKK.

Never mind that it was the Alt-Right--not the lefties--who shouted racist slogans like "Jews will not replace us" and the old Nazi favorite "Blood and Soil."

Facts be damned.

Naturally, Fox supported the President's "Alt-Left" meme via Tucker Carlson. Pulling one out of left field, so to speak, he implied that lefties in Baghdad were the ones tearing down statues after we invaded Iraq.  (As I recall, Fox played video footage of people destroying statues in Baghdad to show how thrilled democracy-craving Iraqis were that the U.S. had invaded their nation.)

Carlson claimed that lefties who recently tore down statues of racists here in the U.S. have no idea of history or of who Robert E. Lee was. Actually, they understand--which is why they felt  inspired to go after statues of pro-slavery folks.

Carlson thinks the lefties are as race-obsessed as the white supremacists. He missed the fact that those lefties were protesting the people who support racism.

It wouldn't be so bad if most viewers of Tucker Carlson and others on Fox simply shrugged, chuckled, and recognized that they were being fed a line of B.S.

Sadly, most of Fox's audience gets duped into believing that they're hearing real, fact-based news.  It's not their fault. They've been exposed to it for years, so it doesn't occur to them to question the info generated by dishonest media outlets like Fox.

There must be non-partisan ways to educate Americans about the realities of our history, how our government works, and what our politicians are really up to.  It's the only defense that people will have against dishonest media outlets.







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