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Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have joined forces to tackle parts of the Trump-Russia investigation. . . . People speculate that the purpose of teaming up is to find state crimes to charge Paul Manafort with so that a pardon from Trump won't protect him (presidential pardons apply only to federal crimes, not state crimes). . . . I figured I'd join the speculation party. Maybe it's bigger than Manafort. Read more →

Most voters in the three states that helped put Donald Trump into the White House are now embarrassed by him. And it's affecting how voters feel about Republicans in Congress: "Democrats enjoy double-digit leads in Michigan and Pennsylvania on the question of which party voters prefer to control Congress after the 2018 midterms,... Read more →

Bill Moyers' website has a great timeline of events re: President Trump, Russia, and various players in the Trump-Russia situation. Easy to read, lots of pics. Interesting history, starting in 1979. It includes some of Donald Trump's associates and business issues over the years. Check it out here. Read more →

Since Friday, our nation's lower jaw has sustained cuts and bruises from slamming into the floor over and over again. First, it was Charlottesville: the Civil War ended over 150 years ago, yet people chose to not merely march to protect a statue but they also brought torches, pepper spray, and swastika flags.... Read more →