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Evidence, Coincidences, and Possiblities re: Trump, the Campaign, & Russia

There's no publicly available proof that Pres. Trump and his campaign advisers colluded with the Russian government to rig the election, but there are multiple coincidences and pieces of evidence indicating that something's rotten in D.C. Below is a summary of some of the more concerning coincidences and pieces of evidence. Note: there... Read more →

On Saturday (April 15th), 125,000+ people across more than 100 U.S. cities participated in the Tax March: a protest calling for fairer tax policies and for Pres. Trump to release his tax returns--as he said he would. . . . Many Americans want to see his tax returns for at least three reasons: Read more →

Ties between Donald Trump's campaign staff and various Russians are confusing because there are so many pieces of information, and it's pretty disjointed at this point. Bill Moyers created a helpful timeline regarding what people on Twitter call #TrumpRussia . . . . Read more →

I don't know whether Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr has a truly objective mindset re: the Russia investigation because my mind-reading machine broke down a few months ago. Yes, Sen. Burr does behave and speak like a dignified adult--unlike some of the simian Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. Read more →

We've all noticed ads popping up on the Internet for things we just searched for on other websites. Apparently, advertisers are targeting us because they have access to our browsing and app history--whether we want them to or not. Back in October, new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules would have given you some... Read more →

t's hard to tell when Pres. Trump is talking straight or playing at theater because he habitually says things that are strikingly abnormal. Some pundits say Trump's health-care bill failed due to incompetence.... But was passing the bill Trump's aim? Or did he strive only to appear to be aiming to pass it? Read more →

Pres. Trump uses “fake news” to label any news story he doesn’t like—even if true. This 60 Minutes story is about actual “fake news”: stories that are provably false. Among other things, Scott Pelley explains Twitter “bots” and interviews a couple of fake-news creators. Read more →

I know I'm late to the party, but I really like this show. I cut the cable cord a couple years ago, and Girfriends' Guide airs on Bravo. I just tried it on Netflix this week. I figured I'd like it the second I saw the name Marti Noxon in the credits. Read more →

This episode of Rachel Maddow's show exemplifies true investigative journalism. We don't have enough info to draw solid conclusions. But if even some of the facts are accurate, isn't the situation at least worth investigating? (Videos are below.) Read more →

Watching Pres. Trump wage War on the Media makes me feel like I've stepped into a Dali painting, where clocks melt and tigers spring out of pomegranates. Cries against "fake news" from a man who habitually states falsehoods is hypocrisy so blatant that it's hard to believe that anyone would utter such cries with a straight face. Yet our president is doing just that. Recently, the White House went a step further: Read more →

To hold government officials accountable, We The People need to be informed about what they're getting up to--regardless of which party is in power. Thus, we need an adversarial press to promote accountability. We saw the results of a non-adversarial press just 14 years ago: the Iraq War. And... Read more →

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said, "If you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it." On February 14, KellyAnne Conway repeatedly claimed on TV that Gen. Michael Flynn misled White House officials about Flynn's legally questionable chats with a Russian official. (Video at end of post) Before the day's end, the media seemed to accept as fact that Gen. Flynn had misled Read more →

Outrage and humor flooded the Internet after Kellyanne Conway seemingly made up a terrorist attack . . . as support for Pres. Trump's travel ban. She also criticized the media for failing to cover the made-up massacre. Later, she said that she had misspoken one word: she'd meant to say "Bowling Green Terrorists." Unfortunately for Ms. Conway's credibility, she reportedly mentioned the same, non-existent attack during two earlier interviews . . . . Read more →

Wow. In a pre- #SuperBowl interview with #BillOReilly, President Trump seemed to imply that past U.S. leaders were "killers," an apparent reference to the Bush Administration and the Iraq War. . . . The Trump-O'Reilly video is below (about 9 mins), but here are some relevant excerpts: Read more →

Thursday night on TV, Kellyanne Conway cited a Muslim-perpetrated massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky as support for Pres. Trump’s Muslim ban. . . . Unfortunately for what was left of Ms. Conway’s reputation, the massacre did not happen . . . . Vogue covered the "alternative massacre" and seemed displeased with Ms. Conway. . . . Read more →

Things are getting more surreal by the day. Pres. Trump devoted time during the National Prayer Breakfast to do two important things: (1) brag about his past TV ratings and (2) slam Arnold Schwartezenegger's TV ratings. Arnold's first response was Read more →

Bill Moyers' 2007 video “Buying the War” (pasted in post) exposed government deception and media’s role in marketing the Iraq War (2003). Given election 2016, the media will have chances for redemption and for re-embracing journalistic values exemplified by Katherine Graham, Walter Cronkite, and Ed Murrow. Read more →

Mary Tyler Moore visited my living room weekly when I was in elementary school, via the Mary Tyler Moore Show on CBS. TVs had antennas back then, and her show was groundbreaking. . . . Mary inspired generations of women--and young girls, too. She gave them the sense that they had more than one option for a fulfilling life, . . . . Read more →

If the White House plans to peddle false information, maybe the media should refuse to play along by refusing to go to the White House press room. It's worth considering. Given the Internet, FOIA, and reporters’ access to numerous government officials and documents, aren’t there ways to get better info than this White House seems willing to provide? One president systematically used falsehoods and half-truths to justify an unjust war . . . Read more →

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer came out swinging today, taking time out of what must be a very busy schedule to address--among other very important issues--the size of President Trump's inauguration crowd. During the massive protest in Washington today (Women's March), Read more →

People are upset about FBI Director James Comey's recent letter re: newly discovered emails involving the unfortunately named ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner (of sexting-scandal fame).. . . At first glance, it seems like Mr. Comey hurled deadly lemons at Hillary’s campaign, but at least 4 cups of lemonade seem to be in the making: Read more →

This exhibit is powerfully moving, and it's at the Harn Museum auditorium in Gainesville through August 5, 2016. . . . Art is supposed to challenge the perspective, and that’s the effect that Stacey’s work has had on me. Read more →