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Since Friday, our nation's lower jaw has sustained cuts and bruises from slamming into the floor over and over again. First, it was Charlottesville: the Civil War ended over 150 years ago, yet people chose to not merely march to protect a statue but they also brought torches, pepper spray, and swastika flags.... Read more →

Teaching -- and Learning

For several months now I've been teaching my lover to play the piano. I started learning piano when I was about six: he and I are now in our 50s and there were a few decades there where I didn't live in the house with a piano. So this process has involved first... Read more →

Here's some dismal data on Florida's public-school system:• Only 55% of Florida's high-school students are proficient at reading.... It's not enough for the state to sort of meet or try to meet some criteria. The state has to meet all 7 constitutional criteria (listed above) to comply with the constitution. But it doesn't... Read more →

After a four-week trial and 5,000+ exhibits in evidence, both sides did closing arguments on Friday in Citizens for Strong Schools v. Florida Department of Education.... It's David and Goliath....The State likely paid that private firm millions of tax dollars... Read more →

Hundreds of thousands of Florida’s children can’t adequately read or do math. Florida is the nation’s 4th wealthiest state, yet it's the 6th lowest of the 50 states in per-pupil funding and 8th lowest in graduation rates. Back in 2009, pissed-off citizens and taxpayers filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida for Read more →