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I started at Macy's, thinking I'd find high-quality stainless like in the '80s. WRONG. Even some pricey Lenox flatware (made in China) felt cheap. The finish on my Kate Spade/Lenox pieces started coming off in 3 hand washes (maybe TOXIC?). . . . Only one company makes stainless flatware in the USA: the brand is Liberty Tabletop, and the company is Sherrill Manufacturing.... • What I bought.... • What I like.... • What I wish were different.... • Different lines for different budgets.... Read more →

After a couple hand washes, some pieces developed dark spots that I can't remove. Click on the photo below to see the enlarged version: the dark spots are not reflections.... This product might be toxic--as well as low quality.... Shame on kate spade and Lenox for marketing such junk. Read more →

I love the Kiwifruit's blend of tartness and sweetness. And I love that kiwi is loaded with Vitamin C (90%-100% RDA per 2-inch fruit). [Vitamin C is an antioxidant that's good for (among other things) the immune system, cardiovascular system, eyes, and skin.] Eat kiwi raw if you want Read more →

When convenient, I shop at a grocery store that sells whole beans and use the store’s grinder because freshly ground beans make better coffee. ButI’m not a connoisseur, so I don’t drive miles out of my way, and I don’t grind coffee at home. Last week, I tried Gevalia, pre-ground decaf—and... Read more →

I don't farm mangoes and don't own stock in a farm. I just love the mango because it's a nutrient-rich super food. A whole fruit--minus skin and pit--weighing about 330 grams, reportedly has the following nutrients, among others Read more →

When I want sweet coffee, I use real maple syrup (a teaspoon or 2) . . . Maple syrup has minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds that promote health . . . It also has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. . . . Research suggests that white sugar and artificial sweeteners are bad for us. . . . Read more →

Things that destroy vitamin C. I rely on raw fruits and vegetables for Vitamin C because cooking can destroy Vitamin C.. . . List of vitamin c foods + % recommended daily value . . . Some benefits of vitamin c Read more →

I paid $39.97 for my Black & Decker 8-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker (Amazon Prime). Coffee stayed hot-ish for 2 1/2 hours in the thermal pot. I wanted a thermal pot because leaving a non-thermal pot on a warmer ruins the coffee's flavor and Read more →

Cancer, birth defects, memory problems, lung problems, fertility problems, allergies—all have been linked to chemicals in air fresheners and other scented products, like laundry detergent and candles. The info isn't new (links below). Even Wikipedia discusses toxicity. Common toxins include . . . Read more →

Breyer’s All Natural Ice Cream used to contain only a few simple ingredients, like milk, cream, sugar.... It was a great alternative to Haagen-Daz because Breyers had less fat. About 10 years ago, Good Humor-Breyers (subsidiary of Unilever), started including cost-saving additives in many Breyer’s ice creams, like Read more →