Rachel Maddow Show: Mon., Mar. 13, 2017 (2 videos)

Videos: 1. Russia, Money Laundering, Deutsche Bank, Trump, & Fired U.S. Attorney who would've investigated (20 min); 2. 2. Dutch Afraid for Their Election Based on Russia's interference in Ours (7 min) Read more →

I know I'm late to the party, but I really like this show. I cut the cable cord a couple years ago, and Girfriends' Guide airs on Bravo. I just tried it on Netflix this week. I figured I'd like it the second I saw the name Marti Noxon in the credits. Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show: Thursday, March 9, 2017 (4 videos)

Videos: 1. Signs of Continuing Russian Influence in U.S. ..., 2. Trump Leaves State Dept. Out of Mexico Meeting, 3. Interview with Daniel Fried, ex-Diplomat who Was sort-of Fired, 4. Daniel Fried Interview Continues Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show: Wed., March 8, 2017 (5 videos)

Videos: 1.Trump Camp pro-Russia influence on GOP platform (16 min); 2. Trump & Tillerson Weakens State Dept. as Putin Would Want (12 min); 3. Explanation of Putin's Hostility Toward Hillary Clinton (6 min); 4. Rep. Swalwell Makes Case for Independent Trump-Russia Investigation (5 min); 5. Rachel's Staff Reads to the End (2 min) Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show: Tue. March 7, 2017 (5 videos)

Videos: 1. Congressman Chaffetz Booed off Stage over Ugly Healthcare Remark (3 min); 2. Pieces of Trump Dossier Check Out (23 min); 3. Trump admin. oversteps in outreach to Justice Dept (5 min); 4. Hawaii First to Sue to Block New Muslim Ban (5 min); 5. Rep. Schiff Willing to travel to Get Testimony about Trump Dossier (5 min) Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show: Mon., March 6, 2017 (2 videos)

Videos. 1. Trump, weird hotel, Azerbaijan, Bechtel, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, wikileaks (23 min); 2. Explanation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Trump's risks, Azerbaijan (5 min) Read more →

Rachel Maddow Show: Friday, March 3, 2017 (3 videos)

Videos: 1. Russian's Airplane Travel Overlaps Trump's (4 min); 2. More about Trump's and Russian Oligarch's Planes (5 min); 3. Russian Dissident Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts (9 min) Read more →

Russia keeps popping up in our nation's internal affairs, like Whack-a-Mole. The NY Times broke the story about Obama's protecting evidence relating to Russia's interference in the U.S. election. The Washington Post broke the story about now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions' meeting with a Russian ambassador twice and not disclosing that fact during the Senate confirmation hearings. MSNBC covered both stories in the videos below. Read more →

This episode of Rachel Maddow's show exemplifies true investigative journalism. We don't have enough info to draw solid conclusions. But if even some of the facts are accurate, isn't the situation at least worth investigating? (Videos are below.) Read more →

I just replaced a 2014 Honda Civic LX with a 2017 Honda HRV LX, so I make some comparisons below....I liked the Civic but wanted something higher off the ground.... Basics of HRV....What I Don't Like....What I like....Test Drive Comparisons.... Read more →

Watching Pres. Trump wage War on the Media makes me feel like I've stepped into a Dali painting, where clocks melt and tigers spring out of pomegranates. Cries against "fake news" from a man who habitually states falsehoods is hypocrisy so blatant that it's hard to believe that anyone would utter such cries with a straight face. Yet our president is doing just that. Recently, the White House went a step further: Read more →

A few weeks ago, Jewish leaders in Victoria, Texas invited a local Muslim congregation to use the synagogue after the Muslim center was destroyed by anonymous arsonists. People from around the nation donated.... Last weekend, Muslim Americans started raising funds to help repair damage to a Jewish cemetery near... Read more →

President Trump has chosen Army Lt. General Herbert Raymond ("H.R.") McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. Both democrats and republicans like the choice, but that's not the really interesting part. Part of what makes Gen. McMaster an interesting (in a good way) choice is that Read more →

To hold government officials accountable, We The People need to be informed about what they're getting up to--regardless of which party is in power. Thus, we need an adversarial press to promote accountability. We saw the results of a non-adversarial press just 14 years ago: the Iraq War. And... Read more →

. . . Boeing received $16+ billion in U.S. Government contracts . . . . Boeing's profits were $4.9 billion. The U.S. taxpayers made Boeing's big profits possible. Yet Boeing cut 11,000 jobs and plans to cut more this year. Boeing could have used $1 billion of the profits to pay for 11,000+ jobs, if Read more →

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said, "If you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it." On February 14, KellyAnne Conway repeatedly claimed on TV that Gen. Michael Flynn misled White House officials about Flynn's legally questionable chats with a Russian official. (Video at end of post) Before the day's end, the media seemed to accept as fact that Gen. Flynn had misled Read more →

On February 13, Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor after reports that--before Mr. Trump was sworn in--Mr. Flynn had discussed with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak possible sanctions against Russia over that county's alleged involvement in the U.S. election. Earlier, Mr. Flynn denied having discussed sanctions with Mr. Kislyak before Pres. Trump took office. Vice President Pence had defended Mr. Flynn against Read more →

Right-wing politicians are talking with Pres. Trump and will likely benefit from doing so (even after bashing him last year). Maybe liberal and moderate political leaders should try talking with him, too. Please, just hear me out. Millions of people have made sure their voices are being heard. They've shown Read more →

In a 29-page opinion, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate President Trump's travel ban (i.e., Executive Order 13769)--for the time being. That may not be the last word on the issue. Only a 3-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court heard the case. The case might be reviewed "en banc," meaning Read more →

Outrage and humor flooded the Internet after Kellyanne Conway seemingly made up a terrorist attack . . . as support for Pres. Trump's travel ban. She also criticized the media for failing to cover the made-up massacre. Later, she said that she had misspoken one word: she'd meant to say "Bowling Green Terrorists." Unfortunately for Ms. Conway's credibility, she reportedly mentioned the same, non-existent attack during two earlier interviews . . . . Read more →

Wow. In a pre- #SuperBowl interview with #BillOReilly, President Trump seemed to imply that past U.S. leaders were "killers," an apparent reference to the Bush Administration and the Iraq War. . . . The Trump-O'Reilly video is below (about 9 mins), but here are some relevant excerpts: Read more →