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A few weeks ago, Jewish leaders in Victoria, Texas invited a local Muslim congregation to use the synagogue after the Muslim center was destroyed by anonymous arsonists. People from around the nation donated.... Last weekend, Muslim Americans started raising funds to help repair damage to a Jewish cemetery near... Read more →

It's the damndest thing. For the first time in years, I'd let negative events in my personal relationships & professional life poison most of my present moments--for months. . . . Needing a jump-start, I spent hours searching YouTube for hypnosis videos. Eventually I found one by Alexander Wilon: "Positive Attitude Positive Thinking Hypnosis Session" (shared at bottom of this post). . . . What I like about it . . . . Tips & Notes . . . . Other Blog Posts . . . . The Video. Read more →

This exhibit is powerfully moving, and it's at the Harn Museum auditorium in Gainesville through August 5, 2016. . . . Art is supposed to challenge the perspective, and that’s the effect that Stacey’s work has had on me. Read more →

Teaching -- and Learning

For several months now I've been teaching my lover to play the piano. I started learning piano when I was about six: he and I are now in our 50s and there were a few decades there where I didn't live in the house with a piano. So this process has involved first... Read more →

For months, my outlook was bleak, and I doubted my ability to change it.... There were multiple causes, and they don’t matter. What matters is that I'm writing about it in past tense.... What helped me recover... Through a weird progression of events, I revisited specific songs that had (decades ago) made me feel empowered, hopeful, and bursting with potential. Read more →

Meditating reduces mental chatter: that near-constant stream of verbal thoughts (also called “chattering monkeys”). The monkeys can distract us from being all that we can be. . . . When the mind is clearer, we're more perceptive, effective, and powerful. Read more →

How we view and deal with ourselves affects how we relate to others . . . . Many successes require other people’s contributions, so how we relate to others affects our success.. . . What "loving ourselves" means . . . How to build a habit of loving ourselves Read more →